Crockpot Chicken & Gravy

If you’re looking for an easy and delicious meal that requires minimal effort, then the Crockpot Chicken & Gravy recipe is the perfect solution. This recipe is ideal for busy weeknights when you don’t have the time or energy to cook a complicated meal. All you need is a slow cooker, some chicken, and a few basic ingredients to create a hearty and flavorful dish that the whole family will love.

The beauty of the Crockpot Chicken & Gravy recipe is that it’s incredibly versatile. You can serve it over rice, mashed potatoes, or noodles, or pair it with your favorite vegetables for a complete meal. Plus, the leftovers are just as delicious, making it a great option for meal prep. Whether you’re feeding a crowd or just looking for an easy dinner idea, this recipe is sure to become a staple in your kitchen.


  • 2 packets chicken gravy mix
  • 1 can cream of Chicken Soup
  • 1 can of water
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon paprika
  • 1/4 teaspoon coarse ground black pepper
  • (I did not measures the seasoning, I just put a good coating on the chicken)
  • 3 whole chicken breasts , boneless skinless (about a pound)
  • 1/2 cup sour cream


  1. Season chicken breasts with garlic powder, black pepper, paprika place in slow cooker. Wisk together the water, gravy packets, soup, until smooth
  2. Pour mixture over chicken
  3. Cover and cook on low for 4-5 hours.
  4. (Mine cooked 4.5 hours)
  5. When done, carefully remove chicken, shred or cut as desired.
  6. Whisk the sour cream into the slow cooker until smooth and serve over chicken. Season with additional salt and pepper to taste if desired… I didn’t add any more.
  7. Serve with mash potatoes, rice, stove top stuffing, or egg noodles.

Serving Suggestions

Once you have cooked your delicious Crockpot Chicken & Gravy, it’s time to serve it up! Here are some serving suggestions to help you enjoy your meal to the fullest.


Crockpot Chicken & Gravy is a versatile dish that pairs well with a variety of sides. Here are some suggestions:

  • Mashed potatoes: Creamy mashed potatoes are the perfect complement to the rich, savory gravy.
  • Rice: Fluffy white rice or brown rice is a great choice for soaking up the delicious gravy.
  • Biscuits: Freshly baked biscuits are a classic accompaniment to chicken and gravy.
  • Steamed vegetables: A side of steamed broccoli, green beans, or carrots adds some color and nutrition to your plate.


When it comes to plating your Crockpot Chicken & Gravy, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Use a large, shallow bowl or plate to showcase the chicken and gravy.
  • Spoon the gravy over the chicken, making sure to cover each piece evenly.
  • Garnish with fresh herbs like parsley or thyme for a pop of color and flavor.
  • Serve hot and enjoy!

With these serving suggestions, you can enjoy your Crockpot Chicken & Gravy in a variety of ways. Whether you’re feeding a crowd or enjoying a cozy meal at home, this classic dish is sure to be a hit.

Storage and Reheating

When it comes to storing and reheating Crockpot Chicken & Gravy, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure that your leftovers are safe and delicious.


If you have any leftover chicken and gravy, you can store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. To ensure that your leftovers stay fresh, make sure to cool them down to room temperature before placing them in the fridge. You can do this by leaving them out on the counter for no more than 2 hours.


If you have more leftovers than you can eat within 4 days, you can freeze them for later. To do this, transfer the chicken and gravy to a freezer-safe container and store it in the freezer for up to 3 months. When you’re ready to eat it, simply thaw it in the refrigerator overnight and then reheat it using one of the methods below.

Reheating Instructions

There are a few different ways to reheat Crockpot Chicken & Gravy, depending on your preferences and the equipment you have available. Here are a few options:

  • Microwave: This is the quickest and easiest way to reheat your leftovers. Simply transfer the chicken and gravy to a microwave-safe dish and heat it on high for 1-2 minutes, or until it’s heated through.
  • Stovetop: If you prefer not to use a microwave, you can reheat your chicken and gravy on the stovetop. Simply transfer it to a saucepan and heat it over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally, until it’s heated through.
  • Oven: If you’re reheating a large amount of chicken and gravy, you may prefer to use the oven. Preheat your oven to 350°F, transfer the chicken and gravy to an oven-safe dish, and cover it with foil. Bake it for 20-30 minutes, or until it’s heated through.

No matter which method you choose, make sure that the chicken and gravy reaches an internal temperature of 165°F to ensure that it’s safe to eat.

Variations and Substitutions

The Crockpot Chicken & Gravy recipe is a versatile dish that can be customized to suit your taste preferences. Here are some variations and substitutions you can make to the recipe:

  • Chicken: You can use boneless, skinless chicken breasts or thighs for this recipe. If you prefer dark meat, use chicken thighs. You can also use a combination of both chicken breasts and thighs.
  • Gravy: Instead of using cream of chicken soup and dry gravy packets, you can make your own gravy from scratch. Use chicken broth, flour, butter, and seasonings to make a roux, then add the broth and stir until the gravy thickens.
  • Vegetables: Add some vegetables to the crockpot for added nutrition and flavor. You can add chopped carrots, celery, onions, or potatoes. Just make sure to cut them into small pieces so they cook evenly.
  • Spices: Add some spices to the crockpot to give the dish some extra flavor. You can add garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, or Italian seasoning.
  • Creamy: If you prefer a creamier dish, you can add some heavy cream or sour cream to the crockpot. Just make sure to add it towards the end of the cooking time so it doesn’t curdle.
  • Low-Carb: If you are following a low-carb diet, you can substitute the cream of chicken soup with heavy cream and use xanthan gum to thicken the sauce. You can also serve the chicken and gravy over cauliflower rice instead of mashed potatoes.
  • Gluten-Free: If you are gluten-free, make sure to use gluten-free gravy packets or make your own gravy from scratch using gluten-free flour.
  • Dairy-Free: If you are dairy-free, use a dairy-free cream of chicken soup and skip the sour cream. You can also use coconut cream instead of heavy cream.

These are just a few variations and substitutions you can make to the Crockpot Chicken & Gravy recipe. Feel free to experiment with different ingredients and flavors to make the dish your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential ingredients for a simple crockpot chicken and gravy recipe?

The essential ingredients for a simple crockpot chicken and gravy recipe are chicken, gravy mix, cream of chicken soup, water, and seasonings such as garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Some recipes also call for sour cream to add creaminess to the gravy. You can find a variety of recipes online that use different combinations of ingredients, but these are the basic ingredients that you will need.

Can you use frozen chicken for crockpot chicken and gravy, or should it be thawed?

It is recommended to use thawed chicken for crockpot chicken and gravy. This is because frozen chicken takes longer to cook and can result in unevenly cooked chicken. Thawed chicken also absorbs the flavors of the seasonings and gravy better than frozen chicken. However, if you are in a rush, you can use frozen chicken, but make sure to add extra cooking time to ensure that the chicken is fully cooked.

Is it necessary to brown chicken before slow cooking it for chicken and gravy?

Browning the chicken before slow cooking it is not necessary, but it can add extra flavor and texture to the dish. Browning the chicken in a pan with some oil or butter before adding it to the slow cooker can help to seal in the juices and create a crispy exterior. However, if you are short on time, you can skip this step and still have a delicious chicken and gravy dish.

How can you prevent chicken from becoming tough when cooked in a crockpot?

To prevent chicken from becoming tough when cooked in a crockpot, make sure to use the right amount of liquid and cook the chicken on low heat for a longer period of time. The liquid helps to keep the chicken moist, while cooking it on low heat allows the chicken to cook slowly and become tender. You can also add some vegetables such as carrots or onions to the crockpot to add more flavor and moisture to the dish.

What variations can you make to the classic crockpot chicken and gravy recipe to enhance its flavor?

There are many variations that you can make to the classic crockpot chicken and gravy recipe to enhance its flavor. You can add different herbs and spices such as thyme, rosemary, or sage to the dish to give it more depth of flavor. You can also add vegetables such as mushrooms, bell peppers, or broccoli to the crockpot to add more texture and nutrition to the dish. Additionally, you can switch up the type of gravy mix that you use to create different flavor profiles.

How long should chicken cook in the crockpot to ensure it becomes tender for a gravy dish?

Chicken should cook in the crockpot for at least 4-6 hours on low heat to ensure that it becomes tender for a gravy dish. However, cooking times can vary depending on the size and thickness of the chicken pieces, so it is important to check the internal temperature of the chicken with a meat thermometer to ensure that it has reached 165°F. Once the chicken is fully cooked, you can shred it with a fork or serve it as whole pieces with the gravy.